About Lions Vidya Mandir

(Prime Minster Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru arriving to Innaugurate the Building of the Lions Vidya Mandir, 23rd Nov., 2016)
While speaking on the occasion he jokingly remarked that he never knew that Lions have set up a school in his Mohalla (neighborhood). Extracts from his speech on this occasion are reproduced below. 
Pandit Ji in his address stated that :
You have set up a school here. I have seen it a little. So far as the building is concerned, it is quite good and beautiful. You have put up an impressive building and certainly you are making god arrangements for imparting instruction, which will benefit the children of our locality. I learnt it from you that in this locality, in this ‘mohalla’ there is no other school than this one. You have done a real service to the residents of this area and built an impressive school in Delhi, which other might well copy. There are some fine schools here. However, they are for the well to do, who can afford to pay high school fees. But there are no such levies in your school, there are no school fees here. This is all to the good for it would be wrong for someone’s education to suffer for lack of means.
I congratulate you and the Lions International on this and I am happy to learn that your Club pays attention to the community and especially to young children.
Extracts from the speech of 
Late Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru 
at the opening of the building of Lions Vidya Mandir
(Late Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru 1st Prime Minister of India inaugurates the school building)
The school was equipped to provide FREE education to the children from Class 1 to 11 under the higher secondary scheme of the Govt. of Delhi and was formally recognized. After a few years, as per the lionistic traditions the club decided to handover the school to the Government of NCT of Delhi of running the same as Govt. Institution. Inspite of all out efforts by the Lions Club of Delhi, the Directorate of Education did not take up the school formally and eventually at the insistence of then Chief Executive Councilor of the then Government of State of National Capital territory of Delhi the club decided to take back the school. During the intervening period between the handing over the school and taking back in Feb., 1983 the condition of the school deteriorated to such an extent that the number of students fell from over 1000 to a few hundred. The Lions Club of Delhi then decided to form a trust in 1985 consisting of Lion members of the club only to run the school. Since the school was not upgraded by the Directorate of Education to Senior Secondary Level introduced by the Central Board of Secondary Education the school at present provides FREE Education upto 10th Class. However, efforts are being made to upgrade the school to “Senior Secondary Level” and it hoped to get the necessary approval in the coming academic year.
The school not only provides FREE education to the children but through the goodwill of the trustee also provides Free Books, Uniforms, Stationery, Shoes, and Woolen Sweaters. The school is well equipped with a library, Science Labs and a Computer Laboratory. Recently we have added a new Laboratory to teach Modern Mathematics with the help of a Donor. We are contemplating setting up of Special Laboratories to teach English (including Phonetic) and Social Sciences etc. It is proposed to take up some vocational and higher technical courses depending on the resources generated.
The Trust has also set up a Pre-Primary Wing with all the equipment needed to initiate children in formal learning in the school. Specially trained staff has been deployed to initiate the learning process through play methods.